Token Details

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

  • 5 % Airdrop and Rewards
  • 25 % Local Organizations
  • 20 % Advisor Team

Sale Contribution

  • 15 % Liquids in CEX
  • 35 % Liquids in DEFI

Suni Roadmap

March 2020

Creation of the SUNI project

June 2020

Partners with local organizations

April 2021

SUNI Token deployment

May 2021

Publication of our white paper

May 2021

Development of our NFTS


The Documentation

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We are all responsible for protecting our environment. However, success is impossible until we each work independently towards this united purpose. It’s time to take the first step with SUNI. Healing our planet is in your hands.

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Find out more about our planning and development for this year 2021 at SUNI. Our objectives are defined to work in each month of this year. Proposals and ideas are defined in our governance

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Our experts

Team Members

Edinson Carranza


Robert Mock

NFT Manager

Vitaliy Ostarkov

Ambassador to Russia

Bradley Mock

Social Manager

Alyssa Krom

Business Developer

Marius Spiridon

Business Strategic Advisor

Robert Ionita

Strategy & Growth